Two interviews, two ruined lunches

Get there for around lunchtime, I was told, or 11.30am to be precise.  

So there I was, stood outside the cosy-but-cool complex of the hospitality centre. Poking my head inside the door had succeeded in nothing but puzzled looks from mechanics, understandably suspicious of this random Joe interrupting their lunches. 

So back outside I was, waiting to be met or otherwise advised where to go. But nothing was forthcoming. 

I’ll call the PR whose name I had not caught last time we spoke, I thought. 

“I can see him now, come to the hospitality and interview him over lunch,” the forever-unamed PR said.

Better leave it a while, rather than arrive instantly. 

That would be weird. 

So, having learnt against the wall for a minute or two, I go back into the hospitality unit. More confused looks, but this time I have a plan and a purpose. Quick scan and the target’s acquired: he’s in the corner, alone. 

Perfect. What could go wrong?

So, brief introduction and we’re away. Old job covered, new one discussed and rallycross ambitions discovered. All the while his lunch is getting cold, chicken curry ruined by my interjected questions. Normally, right as he’s about to take a forkfull. 

Conversation stops, he naturally goes for a mouthful, but long silences are strange in interviews. Unsettling and disruptive, in fact, for both parties.

There’s nothing I can do but pipe up while he scoops together some rice and he’s then unfortunately pressured into leaving the food hovering tantalisingly out of reach.

Better that than him trying to answer with the handle of his fork pinched between his teeth and with a mouthful of food, potentially peppering me with tmits contents. 

That’d be even more awkward. Heaven knows I don’t need help there. 

His lunch is nothing more than collateral, now. 

Had the plan have gone as expected, his team-mate would also chatting with us, so then the natural conversation would have switched to whichever of the two didn’t have a fork arrowing towards their mouth.

Instead, the driver in question arrived later and the whole charade was played out again. With an audience of fellow drivers and mechanics. 

Quotes acquired, exiting was next on the agenda. 


Unsure whether he’s heard my thanks and goodbyes, there’s nothing I can do but leave. Hovering would be weird. We’ve covered weirdness already. 

Except the unwilling sliding door hadn’t been accounted for. Three slides and nothing. Click a button or two and still nothing. 

With every pull, more and more eyes burn into the back of my head. Only when someone else needs to leave does the whole sorry episode end. 

Now, to find the next lunch to ruin. 


Sir Bradley

I haven’t always been Bradley Johnson’s biggest fan. I’ve been labeled various things for airing these views here and other places. I may have said something about him not being able to pass a few yards, which is where he built his so-called engine by having to constant chase after his errant passes.

But I seem to have been wrong. Dead wrong. Continue reading

Spotify – A Swift retort

Well this has been a while.


Be it tapes, CDs, MiniDiscs, guitars, amps, gigs, festivals, and for the past eight years or so, vinyl; I’ve spent more money on music than I care to remember, or could probably afford to. I also spend £9.99 each month on my Spotify subscription. Barring a handful of ill-judged albums sitting in my CD towers, I’m not ashamed of any of it, no matter what Taylor Swift says.

Continue reading

Sitting Pretty?

It’s worth remembering that while the January window “slams” shut, it’s a full month. And ours was a success amid all the boredom.

Somehow Twitter was awash with bemusement over the Bennett deal. We signed him, Swansea didn’t. We have cover at centre-back and another one on the road back from injury. Loaning him back was a deal-maker. Plus, it keeps him playing a high level of football. The sigh of relief from Elliot Ward was heard across the county. Continue reading

Jonny’s a Good’un

So we’ve finally had it made official, Howson’s finally confirmed. The rumoured £750k plus add ons is a bit of a bargain, but then Leeds weren’t exactly in a position to barter for a higher price. Out of contract at the end of the season, and the little problem going by the name of Ken Bates. Their loss is very much our gain.

Our midfield appears to have most corners covered now, we have the bruiser, the maestro, the snapping runner and the string-puller. And one, soon to be two, young’uns out learning their trade. But of course if Howson’s now ex, much rumoured team-mate was interested I’m sure we could make room for him.

This blog was started with the main aim of sarcastically rambling about the goings-on at Carra but it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to fulfill that. Especially when we’re signing excellent young players to add to our good young squad. We’ll plough on nevertheless.

Presumably the only player who won’t be thrilled with the signing of Howson is the unrecognisable Andrew Crofts. He’s found himself on the periphery, enough time to grow some hair no less. An all-action midfielder coming through the doors is only going to knock him down a notch again.

Johnson appears to be Lambert’s go to guy, despite Crofts and Fox seeming to be a better fit. Fox and Howson sounds even better, mind. Johnson battling and presence seemingly makes up for his deficiencies elsewhere. And no doubt one of hits will go in sooner or later. The law of averages rule this universe, you know.

Talking of players being due one, Coventry away seems a long time ago now. There’s a bouncing ball with Fox’s name on it, surely. Then again, that’s exactly what Howson’s here for.

Priorities Right

So it seems Lambert is at a bit of a loose end in this transfer window. Aside from the stock “the lads need a hand” and “they’ve done brilliant for me” (“How far we’ve come” was the only real notable absentee), the most important thing he said was regarding squad players and not signing them.

Unfortunately this will fall on many-a deaf ear. Come window-closing time people will be in bits bemoaning the lack of activity. I, and I hope many others would agree, would rather we did just as Lambert is planning. More specifically, not straining the wage budget with players that are no better than what we already have. Continue reading

Dosed up on humble pie

Last week I wrote that I would happily fall at the usual first (third) hurdle in the cup but when we went two goals to the good I have to admit I weakly fell for the drama of a cup run. Fickle, I know. But if we’re going to go for a cup run we may as well do it in that kind of style. (Although it took every bit of my strength not to scream “SEE!! WE DON’T NEED THIS!” when Zak hit the deck in agony.)

Sure, we were afforded acres of space but we certainly made the most of it. Heck, even Wilbraham looked a threat. I’m sure he must have felt the 22,000 fans willing him to score. Don’t lie, you wanted it to happen too.

Time after time we carved our way into promising positions with Patches O’Hoolahan and Foxy orchestrating things along with the majestic Ayala. *Add your own like a new signing line here.*

We’ve been handed a bit of a dull tie with Baggies away, though. And out of the two impending visits I know which I’d rather we came back victorious from, and that’s the first. But, a trip to the fifth round sounds almost appealing, although anything but a replay will be all right with me.

As for the first game at the Hawthorns, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a very similar side that made the most of a sleepy Burnley XI. Obviously Rudd will drop to the bench, Tierney may make it- however harsh on steady-as-ever Adam Drury Hall of Fame that may be- and Jackson-Holt and Fox-Crofts are wining partnerships for me. The latter’s place is never, ever in doubt in my book. Obviously.

Kyle No-ton?

So Naughton’s not been allowed to stay out to play at Carra past May. It’s safe to say that’s a blow. But, nevertheless, he’s here until the end of the season so it’s not all bad.

It presumably means the money we had intended to put aside for the impressive full-back is now available to be spent elsewhere. On another full-back maybe? With Tierney struggling, Drury being Drury and De Laet being De Laet, we’re a tad thin on the ground. Continue reading